Philip Sibbering

Black Library


The Black Library collection. Reproduced here with kind permission. The subject matter was mostly Warhammer 40,000 (40K), a few for Blood Bowl and even one for the Black Flame (2000AD's Strontium Dog) which was their other imprint. My favourite artwork out of all of them is the one I had most freedom create; the Greater Daemon of Tzeentch from 'Warhammer Fantasy' (which for some reason all women who have viewed it seem to assume it is Dragon? Perhaps a similar vibe to Blake's Red Dragon?). Looking back through my covers is like looking back in time, from my early painting style to the latest computer-generated imagery (which I wanted to use for a comic - but that's another story!).

NOTICE: Cover images of Black Library novels and magazines are the property of Games Workshop Ltd, and used with permission. Copyright © Games Workshop Ltd., 2021, all rights reserved.


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