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To the Warhammer Fantasy Concepts section of my web site. Here you'll find a collection of the more popular (and unpopular!) ideas I posted on the old Black Industries forum, covering rule additions, modifications and interpretation, and accessories for players. I revisit an old favourite, the rarely covered Amazons of like the mighty Fonn Empire, take a closer look at creature construction with Dwarf hated and much dreaded Mine Troll, and then delve into the true nature of the ever so alien Orcs and why they think nothing like us.


This is a collection of careers I developed out of my ramblings over of the Black Industries (RIP) forums for use with the Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Game. The Olde World of Warhammer has a rich history and gritty atmosphere, with a vast human Empire similar to Renaissance Germany. It is predominantly a low-fantasy low-magic setting with a sci-fi twist in the background.


Throughout the Empire the intrepid Tuberdours hunt for the tail tail sign of Orc infestation: the straggly acidic ropes of the Blood Net! The dangers are great but the rewards are greater! Dressed in bright garish clothes and sporting a massive baggy hat filled with citrus fruits and sweet flowers, known as a pot-pori (potpourri). These gentlemen (and ladies) cut quite a dash among the less savoury elements of society. Among the upper echelons they are regarded with suspicion, as there are many rumours that they have dealings with some of the Empire's most renowned universities and Professors, supplying live Orc tubers for study. A dangerous and highly illegal trade, that only the brave, foolhardy or atrociously greedy would ever consider. In all cities, carriage of an unspiked Orc tuber is punishable by death by fire, for high treason and reckless endangerment of humanity.

A Tuberdour's Life


“Amazonian culture is directly derived from that of the Old Slann – the powerful, mystical and technological race that once ruled the planet. The Old Slann seem to have favoured the Amazons, teaching them much about magic, science and philosophy. To this day the knowledge of the Old Slann is guarded and utilised by the Amazonian Sisterhood.”

First Edition (actually 2E) of Warhammer

The Fonn

This was originally inspired by the Amazons in the original 1984 first edition Warhammer who had access to Slann tech (needle guns, bolt pistols, and power swords!). I started researching real warrior women (surprising little information) and as I did so the Amazons took on a life of their own and grew into what I post here.

This is my overview of the Fonn for use in warhammer fantasy - a matriarchal society inspired by the Warrior Women of Dahomey and the Fon people. It is not meant as an accurate historical setting, no more that the Empire is an accurate version of renaissance Europe. It is a pure fantasy and one that brings to the fore the sci-fi elements of Warhammer and delves into the civilization of the Slann (the extra 'n' on Fonn is due to the Slann link, also Gaelic “fonn” = Middle English “fain” = desire)

All humans are descended from the original Fonn peoples of the ancient Slann civilization, though the modern Fonn are the only human population that still recognise themselves as such. The Fonn of the current world era managed to preserve for more of their original civilization post-fall than any other city-state. They still posses the arcane knowledge which was left by the Slann and many powerful artifacts and devices.

The Amazons


This is a collection of beasties and monsters from my ramblings on the old Black Industries which sadly went the way of the dodo. In these concepts I wanted to get away from the cannon fodder mind set (mook slaying) and create beasties that can be quite a handful for the Players to deal with as they act in a smart (cunning) way. I go into the motivations and mind set of these powerful NPCs and hopefully the added depth with result in a more fulfilling game.


This is my version of a Troglodyte, also known as a Mine Troll or Grung Troll in Dwafishm though Dwarfs usually just call them Trolls (as most Dwarfs are in a mine at the time). Mine Trolls are foul beasts encountered by Dwarfs in their deeper mines of the World's Edge Mountains.

Mine Trolls are adapt at moving through Dwarf made tunnels as they are about the size of a mine cart and just as heavy as one loaded with ore. They have thick powerful heavily armoured forearms and iron like skulls and run with alarming speed is the manner of a silver back Gorilla.

The Bestiary

Tools - Downloads

Not being able to resist a design challenge, when I read the BI were going to make a character booklet my mind went into overdrive and this is the result. It's a development of some distant ideas I had floating around in my head that all seem to just fall into place upon reading this thread over on the old Black Industries forum: Player Pack. This is no more than a particularly fine (if I do say so myself) and fancy character sheet. It is quite compact can contains a wealth of information and without being cramped. It seemed to go down well at the time: Expanding Character Booklet thread.

Expanding character booklet

The 'booklet' folds out in two directions (as seen in the pic opposite) presenting the Player with three A5 panels. It basically a booklet with a fly out cover. The panel on the left has all the main information such as characteristics, and is always in view, the other two are basically acting as a booklet you can thumb through to find relevant information. It is designs that each section covers a spread of two A5 pages along with the main information panel. You can also stand it up, and it acts like a GM screen, for those instances where skullduggery is afoot!

Tools info page


This is a collection of articles on various Warhammer Fantasy Role Play related stuff.

WHRP Mod page


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