Twisted Fantasy

This is a collection of concept building blocks for a Fantasy game setting. In is a development of the 'flexible background theory' and as such there is no detail of history or geography of the game world/ setting. Each unit is modular and can be arranged and developed as the games master sees fit. In order to speed up play examples and defaults as given, often as several options, but they are non-binding (a player will have no idea exactly what type of world they will be entering).

The game physics is a based on the Sciror framework, and this should be thought of as a subset of Sciror. The examples given is for a world that has suffered a catastrophic 'psionic manifestation' and has been remade in the image of myth, human fears and flights of fantasy. It is similar to other fantasy based games but twisted, sharing much in common with our folk lore and stories, yet somehow wrong. It is place of nightmares and where reality and the laws of physics can loose it's grip.

This fantasy world is one single world in the galaxy run using Sciror. It is part of the larger sci-fi game universe, and that means space fearing peoples could visit, but any visitor becomes subject to the psionic manifestation. This means that a off-world visitor may get to the surface intact only to find their guns are swords and the shuttle has turned into a galleon sitting on dry land! An orbital bombardment may change from nukes to meteors, lance beams become erratic lighting. The force of the psionic manifestation is constantly trying to keep the world consistent with the re-creation.


This is a collection of Archetype building blocks for Warspike fantasy game worlds. Still in it's prototype stages. The concept is to take existing and much loves archetype from fantasy and mess about with them, and twist them into something that seems familiar yet is fundamentally different to the preconception of the archetype.


All fantasy game settings have Elves, or some form of Elf archetype that may not look like an Elf but is an Elf by another name. I decided to delved back in time and draw inspiration from the early European (Germanic/ Nordic) myths before Tolkien got his hands on them, and (re)introduce them as a 'divine' beings. In order to break the with modern traditional gamer mind set and preconceived ideas, I named them the 'Avari'. These Elves are not a species as such; more a spirit, but they can be PCs.


Much like the Elves above I wanted something new. I have always seen the Dwarfs are a modern reimage of Gnomes, and Gnomes are often pushed out of fantasy settings because they have such a huge overlap with Dwarfs. Instead of the Tolkien Dwarf which is so very common, I decided to revisit the Gnome. The Gudd is the name of this Dwarf-Gnome hybrid species.

Mother Guard


This is my overview of the Fonn for use in Twistasy – a matriarchal society inspired by the Warrior Women of Dahomey and the Fon people. It is not meant as an accurate historical representation, no more than the Empire is an accurate version of renaissance Europe. It's a pure fantasy and one that brings to the fore the sci-fi elements of Twistasy and delves into the civilization of the Marrex (the extra ‘n’ on Fonn is due to the Marrex link, also Gaelic “fonn” = Middle English “fain” = desire) hybrid species.

All humans are descended from the original Fonn peoples of the ancient Marrex civilization, though the modern Fonn are the only human population that still recognise themselves as such. The Fonn of the current world era managed to preserve for more of their original civilization post-fall than any other city-state. They still posses the arcane knowledge which was left by the Marrex and many powerful artefacts and devices.


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