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Implant Culture

The Gift of Knowledge

Even before the Dark Age of Technology science had advanced so far as to make it impossible for an individual to learn an entire scientific discipline within a lifetime. Even with advanced interfacing with optical-computers, the wealth of knowledge was simply into great to fit into one persons head, and the mathematics to complex to behold within a human's mind. Though genetic engineering did help, eventually the physical limits were reached of bio-technologies. It is in the depths of pre-history, before the Dark Age, that implant technology and the phenomenon of instant knowledge has it's roots.

There are no schools, collages or universities of technology within the Imperial structure, these antiquated social systems have long since died out. There is no way to learn about technology in what we would consider a conventional sense; the only way to gain knowledge of technology in the Imperium is via the gift from the Cult Mechanicus: the gift of knowledge.


Left is a Röntgen image of low level Implant Matrix Note the dispersed nature of the implant and the faint spine tendrils of the bio-photonic web, the external plugs and hard storage (bio-plastic chip in frontal lobe). Much of the implant is very similar in density to brain matter (bio-electric 'cortex'), and only the external hook up systems (including bio-photonic hard lines) show up with any clarity.

With implant technology a person with no scientific understanding can be uploaded with the information that would take a 100 years to learn in but a single day. The implants contain cognitive-memeplex that impart understanding and arrange and integrate the 'knowledge data-web' into the brain extending it neuronet (also artificial neural net)

The actual technology is an offshoot of 'bionic bridge' technology, and allows easy interfacing with bio-photonic systems. The bionic bridge in the case of the implant is extended and goes beyond bionics interfacing. Unlike bio-photonics, bionic bridge technology uses a form of artificial bio-electrics with similar output to the human brain. This allows seamlessly integration with the human mind, the implant literally makes the brain 'bigger' though more accurately the artificial bio-electric net could be said to have a far denser mesh. Bio-electric meshes or 'grafts' are far slower that bio-photonics system.

Implant Levels

The sophistication and the amount of understanding imparted by a given implant is dependant on a member's degree level.

Low level implants

Interface, external storage and connections. Limited knowledge. At this level implants give an instinctive feel for the area of technology they cover rather an explicit understanding. The initiate ‘just knows' how to calibrate a plasma engine but doesn't understand what a plasma engine is really doing. Due to the lack of cognitive memeplexes with the electrograft matrix to impart proper understanding, the initiate/ lower ranking priest, retains their overt religious view of technology instilled by the cult. This is important because the rituals learnt while an initiate, help to calm and focus the mind, allowing the intuitive access of the implant and act in 'autopilot' meditative state.

Mid level implants

These implant incorporate general order cognitive memeplexes and impart basic understanding in the form of a general overview of the technology's form and function. The rituals remain in order to access knowledge intuitively, but the priest has a conscious overview of the technology they are entrusted with. It is said that a priest of this level is 'enlightened' by the grace of the Omnissiah.

Direct connect or WiFi node P2P leaf (peripheral)

High level implants

The have full cognitive giga-memeplexes and impart full knowledge and a deep understanding of the technology that the implant covers. These implant are incredibly complex and actually replace parts of the brain. The mind born of this fusion is both machine and human.

Current Ad-Mec [Note on enforcing 40K]

Currently the Ad-Mec have access to low level implants, which deal with building items and maintenance. Engineering and design implants have not been seen for thousands of years (since before the Artilects took over all design). Therefore there are no Ad-Mec of any level that truly understands high level technologies, and they certainly cannot design new advanced tech or modify technology they have.

Accessing Implants

To access the knowledge and skill sets within an implant, one has to meditate. This meditation allows the Cultist to enter an altered state of consciousness where they become one with the implant. Any work on a machine is carried out in a 'trance' or 'semi-trance' state.

Incense: This is quite a common sight within the Imperium, and is used to as an aid to meditation. Some incense is drugged, which allows the Cultist to enter a higher state of mediation, a deeper trance, and is used in conjunction with the higher level implants. In this trance state the Cultist becomes one with the machine, the virtual reality overlay (augmented reality) generated by the implant merges with the real world, and they exist with the machine. This is a very spiritual experience for the Cultist.

Once accessed the Cultist gains access to the Ad-Mec network.

The network

Image that in your mind you had a wi-fi adapter and hardware that allowed you to access a MESH network. A MESH network made up of other people with the same implant. Now imagine that the graphical user interface for accessing this MESH network, the network 'browser' as it were; was built into your imagination. That you could visualise the interface as a virtual 3D cloud network. A network so dense that it must be like looking at a fractal design that has an infinite amount of detail as you zoom in. You can see other people as clouds of data, their links to each other, each with symbols denoting their 'Avatar'.

To find information in this web, your desire is interpreted as search command. The network springs to life with symbols denoting relevance to you query. As you zoom in using the helper symbols, reacting to your subconscious desire, your tear through the data-network and zoom in on a data-cloud right down to the data you need instantly (longer for rare or secure information). Then the information is loaded into your mind (implant buffer) and you now know the information as if you have a photographic memory.

The implant links to you mind and imprint brain network patterns; it feels like you have always known the information, that it is natural, comfortable and you can see how it relates to other knowledge you have. It make an impression in your mind, and even even when the buffer is deleted in time, the ghost remains, the thought is 'on the tip of your tongue' and in that moment when you ponder the implant will retrieve the information. Merely thinking about it will download it, or merely the 'headers and summery', or download the parts you really need.

The Implant becomes part of your mind, it is a seamless extension of your imagination, but an imagination that is connected to others and that can gain information from external sources. It is an imagination you can explore. Daydreams are interactive, others can turn up. In day to day living you are in a hybrid world, this virtual world is overlaid onto reality, your see ghosts (in the machine) and can talk to others with your mind. At any time you can serf deep, and plunge into this alternate reality. immersed in the world of the machine.

This is the world of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

It is their primary society connection. The virtual, machine world is far more important o them than actual reality. As an analogy just think of your online presence, your forum avatar. Now imagine you was completely paraplegic. In this case, the physical world would mean less to you, your primary interaction would be virtual. This is how the Adeptus Mechanicus can mutilated themselves and become machine, because it is driven by human desire to interact, to be in the machine world permanently, to become a 'node' (node is a Tech-Priest that is permanently submerged in the network and often has hard lines to the core non wi-fi network).


The Magos implants at as bio-server hubs and link together to form the net. The Magos implant is the core of the MESH networks. With each Ad-Mec as a node, and all linking back to the Magos.

Data Sanctuaries

Core server farms containing Archeotech secrets, that the Magos links to, and through the Magos all others can link to. The Magos acting as an administrator and guardian. They will notice unauthorised access immediately. Core server farms also contain a backup of implant code, and the knowledge each implant contains. Data Sanctuaries are sacrosanct, and considered the most Holy of Holies by the Cultists. Breaching a Data Sanctuary is a strike at the very heart of the Ad-Mec, and it will invoke a savage response.

Transparent Technology

The Adeptus Mechanicus advocate transparent interface technology when working with higher technology designs. There are no monitors, keyboards or mice, no HUD (Heads Up Displays), no holographic interfaces, all these are obsolete. Even what we consider bleeding edge tech is considered prehistoric, clumsy and uncouth to the Adeptus Mechanicus, much as we look at stone axes, and flint arrow heads with a rye smile.

One mind

Nothing Modern: Sci-Fi often mentions implants, but usually these implants are no more than a conventional computer housed within the skull (or attached to the exterior), which presents a conventional graphical user interface HUD (Heads Up Display) via projected image directly into the eye, optic nerve tap or direct connection into the visual cortex of the brain. This technology is considered barbaric in comparison to the Adeptus Mechanicus own implants, an antiquated predecessor.

As One

The Adeptus Mechanicus implant become one with the implantee, and the pair become 'one mind'. This theory of one mind between man and machine is a common reoccurring theme within the Adeptus Mechanicus and the cult at large, and is symbolised in their icons. The Implantee literally feels that the implant's abilities are their own natural abilities; instead of navigating menus to find information and then proceeding to read it, they recall information instantly as a memory. Even if retrieving information off a central server the feel of it being a memory is the same, to use an analogy, retrieving information of a server is like having information 'on the tip of your tongue'. Once download: it springs to mind. The implant constantly caches local information headers much like search engine. In this respect the Implantee is always aware of information available when the need arises.


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