Philip Sibbering

Phased Matter

Exotic Materials of the Imperium

When a mundane material in the Materium is exposed to a powerful Phase-Field (from Emitter), the material's atoms may become phased. The phase type depends on field/ atom/ electron harmonics, and only certain phases can be imparted to certain atoms and molecule combinations. Usually, simple homogeneous materials readily take up phase, and a wider range of phase types, than complex molecules. Whereas flesh is highly registrant due to its complexity and bio-electric field (though DNA damage can result) and the human warp image.

Imbued Phase

All materials experience phase shift when exposed to a high-yield phase field, yet some will retain the phase even when removed from the field. Materials that retain phase once withdrawn from the effects of the field are said to have been 'imbued phase'. This is an extraordinary state of matter that many advanced technologies rely on to function.

Matter Repulsors ('Anti-Grav' Plates)

Though called 'antigravity' plates; they are not true antigravity technology, but 'matter-repulsors'. Their range is extremely limited compared to the range of true gravity but enough to provide a cushion of force, that allows vehicles similar to hovercraft to be made. The vehicles are often referred to as 'antigravity' vehicles, but this is a misnomer as gravity is still in full effect, the repulsors overcome the gravity to lift the craft.

The primary benefit is efficiency, as these provide greater upward thrust than jet engines for a fraction of the power. On atmospheric worlds, the repulsor effect can even push on 'air' and provide lift. It is an unusual effect, as the repulsor will move the air like a helicopter or VTOL, but the dust swirls in continuous loops under the vehicle within the field (as no air is sucked into the engine, and no compression is taking place). When the power is ramped up, it provides lift, and the repulsor can be used as a jet engine replacement for VTOL in an atmosphere, but it is very inefficient for flight (as it reacts best to local mass).

Note: this is one of the technologies used in the Thunderhawk air tank employed by the Space Marines. The Thunderhawk is a hefty machine and uses Matter-Repulsors to offset its weight. It also uses Power-Fields to act as aerodynamic surfaces on worlds with atmospheres are it is blocky. Without these technologies, it would plummet to the ground like a stone without them.


The Imperium's version of a parachute. A solid block of metal, usually a lead alloy, is phased to produce a temporary matter-repulsor similar to the 'Anti-Grav' Plate but without a renewing power source. A wearer can feel a charged up chute pushing away from them, and the harness exerts a pressure on the body similar to a person standing on your chest. During free fall the chute is ticking over on low power and a few seconds before impact (altimeter) the chute puts out a huge surge in power to fully counter forward momentum.

The main advantages of the Grav-Chute are their small silhouette (very hard to see in daylight with the naked eye) as it looks like a man falling from the sky all the way down. It's rapid, but smooth, deceleration allows for a very fast free fall all the way to 100m above ground zero. This makes Grav-Chutes ideal for Storm Troopers and elites making lighting raids (some Troopers go for 20m above ground and end with a super-hero landing, but that takes a lot of skill to get right. Looks bad-ass, though!).


Matter Attractants (similar to a magnet, but for non-ferrous materials). These create a form of looped gravity localised to the plate and without the mass. It is not true gravity but a twisted version of reality that creates a new 'force'. While the field affects solid matter far more than air, it will affect air which will move within the field; constantly swirling and creating a breeze. Some STC heat exchangers use this phenomenon as part of their cooling systems.

There are discrepancies with gravity. Most massive objects are heavier on a Grav-Plate than less massive objects given if enough power is applied. Marines are significantly heavier than a human standing on a Grav-Plate compared to them both standing on the surface of a world in regular gravity. This is because the Grav-Plate has more to work with, and is more efficient at influencing greater mass objects, but it does increase power drain. Most Imperial ships have a cap on power, and so a Marine stepping onto a plate is not heavier, in fact, they are often lighter!


These are particle beam weapons that use P-Field emitters to phase the stream. A phased beam can be accelerated to fanatically high speeds, often one-third the speed of light for Imperial Navy Weapons. When particles strike at the speed of light, they cause a tremendous amount of damage. However, the beams have unusual properties as they are phased, and can move through armour and only start to lose phase when in the presence of a large mass. This means the beams dematerialise inside the target, or within thick armour, causing it to explode from within.


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