One Thousand Chapters

Loyalist [1,104]

This is the 1,000 Chapters Gallery Project: a collaboration between Dazzo and myself (and the rest of the fans!) to collect up, and list, all the known canon and fan made loyalist chapters out there. Each marine image links to a chapter resource page. Most of the canon chapters link to the Lexicanum. The fan made chapters link to a forum (or blog) posted Index Astartes (IA), or a gallery of painted miniatures.

Some fan made chapters are missing an IA/ resource page and I have greyed them out. If you click on one of these greyed out images you'll see a request page asking if you know where the chapter comes from.

Categories: The gallery below links to a single database, but it can be reorganised into new galleries with the following links. If you click on one of these links it will take you to a new page and only show Chapters within the category. The gallery shown below is the 'Project Home' that includes Canon+DIY+MIA categories combined. Recent additions can be found here.

Project moved: 03 March 2020

New Project Website

Background: This project was started by Dazzo, an old hand from many forums. I met him over on the now dead Anargo Sector Project many moons ago. He diligently collected together all the known chapters; both in fandom and official GW canon to make a list of 1,000. Then he started rendering them up with Bolter and Chainsword's Space Marine Painter and had well over 720 before I got involved. Apparently my chapters inspired him to take on this crazy task, and I hope others will feel equally inspired by his work. I had to be a part of this mammoth project, and I wanted to include links back to fan sites or B&C DIY Index Astartes (they have good formatting set up for that).

Wanna help? If you would like to chip in some ideas or submit a chapter please head over to my Projects Page for more details. There is a massive thread over on Bolter and Chainsword that I use to collect up submissions. All the Space Marine colour schemes in this gallery were rendered up using Bolter and Chainsword's fantastic Space Marine Painter App (v5).

Honour Roll: Dazzo (lost in the warp), Brother Cambrius (power armour artisan), Brother Tyler (Administratum).

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