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Game accessories - 2nd Edition

These game accessories were produced for the second edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (the one printed by the Black Industries). They were originally posted up on the Black Industries Forum back in the day, but the ideas are still relevant. The Expanding Character booklet proved quite popular, even the staff at Black Industries who downloaded it and assembled it. Combined with the expansion sheets it allowed Players to keep records compact, that were 'to hand'.

Expanding Character Booklet

Not being able to resist a design challenge, when I read the BI were going to make a character booklet my mind went into overdrive and this is the result. It's a development of some distant ideas I had floating around in my head that all seem to fall into place upon reading this thread over on the old Black Industries forum: Player Pack. This is no more than a particularly fine (if I do say so myself!) and fancy character sheet. It is quite compact yet contains a wealth of information and without being cramped. It seemed to go down well at the time: Expanding Character Booklet thread.

Download it

The 'booklet' folds out in two directions (as seen in the pic opposite) presenting the Player with three A5 panels. It's basically a booklet with a 'fly out' cover.

The panel on the left has all the main information such as characteristics, and is always in view, the other two are basically acting as a booklet you can thumb through to find relevant information. It is designed so that each 'section' covers a spread of two A5 pages (along with the main information panel).

You can also stand it up, and it acts like a GM screen - for those instances where skullduggery is afoot!

Mrk1 Expanding Character Booklet

(experimental magnet link, requires P2P software)

MrkII Expanding Character Booklet(MrkII requires supplemental cards below)

MrkIII Expanding Character Booklet [White BG](MrkIII requires supplemental cards below)


These further extend the use of the above booklet.

Supplemental Container Card

Supplemental Mounts Card

Supplemental Trade Card

Trade rules

The Supplemental Trade Card uses Daniel White's Trade rules. These rules can still be found on the internet archive;

Trade Rules

Original concept thread here that's to 'wayback machine'


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