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Here you'll find all my Cover Artworks I created for the Black Library, along with 'Philhammer'; a collection of all my Warhammer heresies I posted all over their forums - and many other forums too!

This 'Philhammer' site is spun-off from my main philipsibbering.com site, to separate my 'Sciror' and 'Spheres of War' IP from Games Workshop's.

My concepts for Warhammer (40K and Fantasy) are aimed at the older player who grew up with these games in the '80s. I have fond memories of the Rogue Trader era. Back then, the background was a lot more open, and GW left a lot to the imagination of the fans.

Below are the main sections of my website. Have a look around and let me know what you think. I'm always happy to hear from fellow fans of Warhammer, or anyone with something interesting to say on sci-fi, and future technology.


This links back to the blog on my main site, and it's a centralised place where I post initial concepts to gain feedback. Once a concept has merit, I create a page from it. Pages often reference a blog post at the end to continue gathering feedback. Think of a page as the ‘final form’, that takes into account the original blog post and all the commenter's feedback.

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Philhammer Project

I am a huge fan of Warhammer, and spend a lot of time chatting away on many a forum. Over the years I have come up with a lot of ideas about the setting, from the true nature of Fantasy Orcs, to the complexities of 40K technologies. The 40K concepts page delves into everything and anything: the inner workings of Space Marines and their war gear, the principles of warp physics and how Warp Drives work, the life of the common man within the Imperium and how Hives work. Where possible I try to match GW 'canon', but some liberties have been taken. My ambition is to reinforce the Warhammer image 'as is', the image in the artwork, the 'grimdark' of it all.

Warhammer Index

Warhammer Galleries

A collection of works, from my early pre-professional acrylics to my digital paintings and 3D creations. The Black Library Gallery has all the covers I produced for them over the years. While Early Works show my acrylic portfolio I used to get a job with them in the first place.

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1000 Chapters

This project was inspired by Dazzo who collected up hundreds of chapters and started to render up images for each and every one using the fantastic Space Marine Painter found on Bolter and Chainsword (B+C). He also painstakingly added custom chapter symbols applied to the shoulder. His mission was to collect up 1,000 chapters. I had to be a part on it and jumped on board and rendered up some of the more tricky images for him like the Grey Knights. I then came up with the idea of making a gallery where all the images, each and every one, links to source material for that chapter. I then put together the massive gallery that can be found on this site.

1K Project


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