Phoenix Rising
27th Feb, 2008

Seems the Dark Heresy is rising from the ashes via Fantasy Flight Games, which is great news. It's still not POD (which I will continue to jump up and down about), but it's great to hear it will continue to be available.

It will be interesting to see how things develop game and background wise, and what the lads and lasses at FFG come up with. The BI team created Dark Heresy in the bosom of GW, 40K vets with access to the studio, and I wonder how development will be handled in the future.

FFG have a forum, and I wonder if all the RPG fans will jump over? The fans often like both the novels and the games, and I see them as tightly linked, so splinting the fan base across two official forums could prove difficult in a 'business sense' - in that BL banned wargame discussion on the BL forum as they do not deal with the wargame rules (different department), so will they ban RPG discussion? I wonder if there will there be a similar policy on the FFG forums about BL fiction (seeing as BL fiction is not their company)?

Anyway, it's good to see it will not die out, and I wish FFG the best of luck 😉


Fantasy Flight Games

Edit [6 Mar 08]: yep, the BL has shut the boards. All jump to the new FFG 40K Forum.

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