40mm wall parts - redo
15th Apr, 2015

These are the replacement prints I received from printed up on "SLU machines (high-definition, they build at the same resolution as a Vipr machine) in the grey Xtreme material" which sounds impressive. They are far better than the first lot of PolyJet prints they sent out, but these new ones are a bit of a mixed bag.

The new prints are far crisper, with the square edges, very and smooth flat horizontal, and vertical surfaces - being almost perfect. Unfortunately the sloped sides are stepped, and while the steps are clean and precise, they are still steps. In the last 5 images you can clearly see what I am talking about, and at 28mm scale this is far too obvious (the mould, and final cast, will duplicated this stepping). This stepping would really show up if the wall parts were painted and then dry brushed. Also in the last 3 you can see how bad the white printed parts really are.

If I have a project without any slopes or curves it may be an ideal process and I will bear this process in mind should that come about (I might use it for future 'base frames' which are basically the floor part without the grill, so all flat sides and no slopes. I'd physically sand the edges to get the bevel rather than print it up).

I have asked if I can have a refund if they cannot do 16┬Ám - that is what was on their website, and that is what I want.

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