Stare Into The Abyss


'Stare Into the Abyss', SITA for short, is a sub-setting of Sciror. This sub-setting advances the timeline past 20,000 AD, after the rise of the Supremacy (human-machine empire), and introduces the 'Psidemic' scenario. Psidemic is a 'grand scenario', an alternate universe version of Sciror. it is one possible future of Sciror. It is very grimdark in flavour, and deals with the fall of the Supremacy, the loss of billions of human colonies, untold deaths of the hands of demons of the Id, and the rise of a new Empire based of Roman mythology.

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Thoughts On Grimdark

Future Architecture

This is my ideas for the near future development of architecture in the western world (and eventually the rest of the world). It's re-imagining city planing into something that makes sense, gives everyone what they want, while also being 'reasonable' enough that many could suspend their disbelief. We start with 'Block Space Diagrams' to explain the core concepts and ethos behind the designs, before moving onto the designs themselves.


These are human run, self-contained habitats with full life support, food production and recycling. Each Ecorium is 300mx300m and supports 1,260 people for a population density of 9000-19440 sq/Km, but the density of 36,000-77760 sq/Km at three layers (180 floors) 1.2km in height is possible. Most Ecorium are deep underground and are nuke proof and immune to bio-attack agents.

Humans live a 'rural existence' within the Ecorium.

Many Ecorium are combined to form super massive Ecopolis. The AG Corp. via AG Comms. are infrastructure support.



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