Visions of the Near Future

It's just around the corner

These are my ideas for solving issues that are on the horizon. The design of housing moving through the 21st century is my main focus. The architecture I present I want to be taken as if real, so I offer it as a genuine solution. I may create a website to 'lobby' for the designs! To find out what people think of the architecture solutions without cutting me any slack for writing a game setting. If successful, this will lay a solid foundation for Sciror, and make the suspension of disbelief much easier.

The case for ECORR

Ecological Construction Over Road and Rail. When looking at a satellite image of London all you see is roads, roofs and car parks, with a few gardens and parks. People cannot live on roads, roofs and car parks, yet these dead zones receives sunlight and rain and are premium space for growing plants.

Urban Planning

Block Space Diagrams

Rearranging space, using architectural 'blocks', like playing with jumbo legos! Each block is a standards compliant space, be it a flat, garden, road or parking. All uses government regulated dimensions.

Blocks Space Diagrams

ECORR design

This lays out some of the core design elements of ECORR. The ground level is all infrastructure and parking. We live on the second floor and above. The outer shell is all housing with gardens (allotments for growing food), and the interior core is commercial, offering 'shared working spaces', shops, cafe, clinics, etc. All protected from the British weather. In between ECORR are parks, built on the roods of car parks.

Future Living


Timeline for the development of the Ecorium concept. An outline of the 8 stages of development, starting with ECORR and working towards orbital space stations. Ecorium are brute force terraforming, and can be built anywhere with a reasonable atmospheric pressure, and 1G gravity.

Stages of development


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