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Missing Index Astartes [429]

This is a gallery of fan made chapters that lack links. They have a colour scheme but the Index Astartes (IA) is lost. All the links in this gallery lead to the Missing Index Astartes (MIA) page on this site requesting more information. The chances are that someone, somewhere, made up one of these chapters and has an IA, painting blog, or website for it. When the original collection (before I got involved) was being put together by Dazzo there was no need to collect up the IA as that was not part of his plan. Unfortunately (for me) the origins of many of these chapters are now lost, but hopefully someone out their will claim theirs. When I receive and IA link the associated chapter is removed from the MIA list and added to the DIY list (note: it's unlikely any of the MIA are canon chapters - but you never know!)

Project moved: 03 March 2020

New Project Website: MIA

All the Space Marine colour schemes in this gallery were rendered up using Bolter and Chainsword's fantastic Space Marine Painter App (v5). If you would like to chip in some ideas or submit a chapter please head over to my Projects Page for more details.

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