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Aliens re-imaged

This is a collection of xenos re-images. Where I attempt to endow a far more alien and inhuman feel to each of these species. This is done by explaining how they came about and putting forward concepts about their nature that gives rise to completely different set of emotional responses and logical objectives. These re-images make the xenos truly 'alien'. However we can understand how they work in principle, but we cannot relate to them in any way. A note on terminology: these xenos are not 'humanoid' aliens, they are 'Slannoid' as they are fashioned in a similar body form as the ancient Slann (just as humans are Slannoid).

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The Eldar are 'Elves in Space', and a continuation the Elf myth as portrayed by Tolkien. They are the perfect being. Better than humans in every way; smarter, faster, fearless and immortal. They appear in stories to show that wisdom and knowledge equals great power. A personification of academic achievement, that anything is possible if you know how; from curing disease and defects (all healthy), to correcting even minor imperfections (plastic surgery, then gene therapy). They are a symbol of the beautiful people. That a beautiful mind creates a beautiful world and people. They are angels in humanoid form.

Twisted Perfection

Elves are what many of us desire to be. But are Elves really an incarnation of divine perfection? (Let me introduce you to Slaanesh...) They all, Eldar and Elves alike, seem to have lost something along their way; a spark of humanity and drive, and as such they wither and die. To stave of this end, they become extreme both physically and mentally (the more extreme the worse they are). It seems to me they are as much a warning as an ideal.

The Eldar Info Page


The Tau are a bright new empire in the darkness of 40K. Technologically they are brilliant and advancing quickly, and fuelled with an ideology of absolutes they are sure and swift. With all of their society pulling together, working for the 'Greater Good', they have accomplished much.

The Greater Good

They seek to bring all to their cause, to unite the galaxy under their leadership, but woe betide anyone who stands in their way. Yet how much free will and greater good can there be if you only have one realistic choice? What happens when the ideology of the greater good gets in the way of those in power? Who's greater good is the greatest? With the castes sacrificing ever more under the Eternals direction, cracks are starting to appear in this young civilization. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The Tau Info Page


Orks are the personification of the barbarian ideal. The fear of an unknown and ferocious enemy, an enemy that will not back down, cannot be bargained with, and cannot be cowed. Orks are the ultimate 'thugs' in 40K, even the smallest is far more massive than a mere human.

A Force of Nature

However what really makes Orks truly dangerous is that their brutality is matched by their cunning, and deep within their make-up the power of psionic energy courses through their meridians. This power can be combined when many gather together, giving rise to the mighty Waaaagh! An endless war without an end. Orks live for war, and combat, to them it is as natural and common as breathing.

The Orks Info Page


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