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The WFRP Bestiary


This is a collection of beasties for use in games of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (WFRP). They are reimaged and new, and designed to mess with a Players preconceived ideas and expectations. There beasties are not mere canon fodder and bring a wealth of background to the table, and present some interesting scenarios simply because of what they are. I spend a far bit of time describing their motivations, behaviours and modus operandi. This done with the aim of empowering the Games Master to make informed decisions about how these powerful NPCs will act when dealing with a party of tough adventurers.

Ogginn - aka 'Halflings'

Unlike Lord of the Rings, these little fellows are not all sweetness and light, and are just as diverse as humans. The are family oriented, and band together for mutual support (make sense seeing they are so small), however these families are territorial and are more akin to a criminal organisation. The Moot, is the largest 'manor' in the Olde World.

It is a common misconception in the Old Worlde that Halflings (as the are known throughout the Empire) are nothing but short humans. This misconception continues to propagate in no small measure due to the efforts of the Halfling community, who find the ‘human’ label to be highly advantageous in their dealing with humans.

Short Humans?

Halflings are short and human like, however they are not the kind and friendly people most think they are. Halfling have huge appetites and a taste for the exotic and danger. They are often cunning and usually know everyone there is to know on both sides of the law. While they are loyal to their own (those with the ‘inn’ tacked onto the end of their name), they can be ruthless and bloodthirsty toward those they perceive as a threat.

Halflings love to socialise, they delight in it more than any other activity, gossip and skulduggery brings broad smiles to their faces, and they love nothing more than new tales from travellers. Often the set up meeting places where the can chat and drink and travellers can rest called 'Inns'.

What is unusual for the Halfling is that while they like humans, they like them a little too much! Those who they dislike will end up in a pie and served to future customers!

Pint Sized Mystery


This is a reworking/ reimage of the Orcs for Warhammer Fantasy. In particular the aim is to flesh out these monsters for Role-Play and to give the players and perhaps more importantly the GM a better understanding of what motivates an Orc what they are scared of and what they are not. The concept barrows heavily from the Orks of 40K, but with added twists to spice it all up and keep it fresh. I have also created a new career to use with these Orcs, that of the Tuberdour.


Orcs are closely tied to Mother Nature (Gork and Mork aspects), they see themselves as protectors of the Earth. They are ‘anti-civilization’ in outlook seeing buildings and agriculture as defiling the land and ugly. Any type of cultivation no matter how small is wrong in their eyes. All buildings have to be pulled down so that nature can consume and overgrow the stones.

Orcs despise all the civilized peoples of the Old World, even Elves which seem natural as they still cultivate and bring order. They see the bringing of order as binds on Nature, it is if the Elves has literally trying tied ropes around their Gods denying them their expression. The Orks see themselves as an expression of Gork’s will to overcome these binds and reassert the natural chaos of nature.

Nature's Revenge


There are many beasts that bare the 'troll' name in the myths of the Empire, yet they are not all the same. The origins of the word according to the great scholars of renown is in fact a corruption of a Dwarf word. It seems the word is not even related to a particular species or beast, but denotes a particularly insidious, tough and invasive enemy that is hard to get rid off. It seems to originally have been used for Dwarf families that caused trouble (Chaos/ Kaos Dwarfs), but was later used to denote a particular type of beast that inhabited the lower mine levels.

Bugbear of the Dwarfs

Mine Trolls are adapt at moving through Dwarf made tunnels as they are about the size of a mine cart and just as heavy as one loaded with ore. They have thick powerful heavily armoured forearms and iron like skulls and run with alarming speed is the manner of a silver back Gorilla. Their strength is legendary among the Dwarfs, it is said a silver back can bend a bar of mythril (?) which as any sane person knows is impossible. This has lead many to believe that the trolls are not all they seems, and are powered by hidden magics (indeed some have noted that scales seem to bare arcane runes formed by the ridges!). This would be put down to silly stories if it wasn't for the history.



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