People are daemons too
1st Aug, 2008

Inspiration often strikes when you least expect it, and sometimes even casual chit chat on a forum can spark the imagination. What follows in a outline of how I see daemons in 40K. This is self-quote from a thread on the BL Forums, inspired by Schaferlord's off hand remark... Sometimes that's all it take to send my imagination into a tail spin!

Source: "Ickle Baby Daemons" thread on the BL Forums
I think the chaos demons are just that - highly chaotic, and demonic, and are generated as needed. Their manifest form may follow a blueprint built into the human id (and other sentience species'). These spontaneous daemons would appear in areas of great emotional outpouring and death, born of the fragments of souls (as the break apart in the warp) and powered by the fears and desires of those still living in hellish conditions. These warp manifestation are 'emergent properties' of high concentrations of soul fragments and energy.

Only very powerful demons who survive in an area for a long time would be able to retain their shape and leave the warp image of the world they were born. I would hazard a guess that on a world like Earth (using Earth as a template) that certain gods would form daemons, and if kept powered for long enough and enough die (natural or otherwise) they could become free of their binding to Earth. So there could be daemons formed in the image of various gods of cultures form all over the world; from Aztec and Norse gods. For example: there could be a daemon of Xolotl and Thor. However I think these would be very local - but as the world expanded they could merge together and grow (as cultures mix) and become a thunder god of all of Earth with aspects of all the cultures thunder gods.

Such Thunder God could be evil or good or 'it depends', I think the Emperor is a 'Thunder God' of Earth (Terra) manifest into reality and possessing a human body (close match as the 'daemon' is made form human emotion and fragments).

These merged Gods may be great, and as the process continues greater still. Instead of covering a country, continent or world the could keep going until they cover a whole galaxy. These would be the real 'Chaos' Gods, and ironically after the Emperor conquered half the galaxy he (may have) become one of these super size 'Gods'. he may not have started out as a super god but he become one.

Well that my fluff heresy for the day...

This all ties in with my thoughts on the nature of the Emperor and of the Emperor's corruption, where the Emperor is a super Psyker who becomes so much more though a process of absorbing other's energies. I quite like the idea that a powerful Psyker can become a focus for energy and start to become powerful like a god because they begin to attract warp side energy; that their soul becomes a 'daemon' in the warp growing fat on the emotional energy of those around the Psyker and perhaps absorbing other's soul fragments and becoming 'corrupted' in the sense that their soul is no longer wholly their own.

Once the Emperor may have been a human super Psyker a perceived 'god' but not a real god. As time progressed he began to absorb the power of those around him and it began to corrupt him. To stop this he forbade worship of him and tried to stay away from those who were over emotional (regular humans). The Primarch acted as a buffer between himself and regular humanity. It is therefore ironic that with his death and the rampant Emperor worship, that he can no longer resist and is 'becoming'. However he is no longer purely himself, his soul has transformed and mutated by the emotions focus on him, and he soul is now alien to the mind that dwells in the materium. To a regular human it would be like having a massive Id, a powerful beast the dwells beneath he surface. I suspect it's all the Emperor can do to keep it caged, and on the of main reason for the Astronomican is to drain the nascent god of its power.


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Hearing feedback is very important to me in developing my ideas. Much of my designs are inspired, and crafted, by chatting to fans on forums before snowballing into a full concepts posted on this website. I would like to thank all those who have contributed critiques and participated in discussions over the years. If you would like join in, you are most welcome!

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