Wizards vs Psykers
6th Nov, 2008

This is a concept of cross-linking Warhammer 40K Psykers with Warhammer Fantasy Wizards by having them share the same meta framework.

The 'winds of magic' as chaos energy drawn into reality and stabilised via Slann Tech. In the fantasy setting this is a residual effect of the polar gates, processing the warp energy and spewing it into the world.

Light (white) magic is a collection of all the colours. The Elves in fantasy can use light magic and it is very powerful. Humans in fantasy can only use a single colour. Dark Magic is not a 'wind of magic' but instead a direct tapping of the warp (circumventing the Slann Tech processing).

Using this concept in 40K, the Eldar use white magic which is processed via their technology. This isolated them from the full temptation and corruption of chaos.

Human Psyker tap the warp directly and therefore use the fantasy equivalent of 'Dark Magic'. This leave them prone to corruption and temptation by chaos (hence most human psykers are soul bound).

The wind of magic in the fantasy setting sense are rare in 40K, but they do turn up near warp rifts and the Eye of Terror. When a human in 40K is exposed so the winds of magic some find they can channel it and effective become magic-users (hedge).

Some machines in 40K, like warp drives, leak winds of magic and therefore need special counter measures.

At high concentrations the winds of magic can be inhabited by 'spirits', these are similar in concept to the daemons of the warp except they are in the winds. This opens the option of having the undead in 40K, zombies and ghosts. Therefore a warp engine that is leaking can be haunted...

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