Is the Emperor a Vampire?
8th Jul, 2009

This is another one of my crazy thoughts. I posted it on Warseer, but it didn't get much response, so I thought I would post it here.

Could the Emperor be a 40K (Rogue Trader '87) vampire?

The 40K version drains 'Psi points' instead of blood. Along with that it has polymorphic ability (can change its metabolism to match), they assume/ seek positions of power, have psychic power like humans, their stat lines (in game terms) is far superior to that of a human, and they are immortal.

The Emperor could be a very powerful Vampire. An Alpha class human is pretty strong, but an equivalent Vampire may be even more powerful.

It would also explain some other quirks of the Emperor, such as the need to consume 1,000 Psykers to survive. Something a vampire would relish, and the golden throne may have been a fortunate happenstance of the Emperor's confrontation with Horus.

It may also explain some other legacy aspects, like the the Blood Angels' need to drink blood, the World Eaters, and perhaps all chapter's marine creation process seeming to involve blood (Space Wolves and Blood Angels being the most obvious).

The Primarchs may be vampire/ human hybrids. It may explain some of the mutations instead of 'chaos did it', Sanguinius' wings (a variant of bat wings) and the Space Wolves fangs (Vampires and wolves have a long association). The wulfen may be a type of marine that has gone to far over to the Vampire (Werewolf) side.

Taking all this into account when thinking about who the Emperor is on Earth - 'Dracula' springs to mind, but I think the historical base is probably a better 'grim dark' version. Dracula needs a 40K makeover to match.

As to where the Emperor is now?

If he is a 'Vampire' and not human, 'his' motivations and aims may be very different to what we assume them to be. Instead of a beacon of humanity as he claims, he may be exploiting humanity instead. The credit he took for guiding humanity may be complete hogwash, he could've rewritten history from his position of power.

Clues to his whereabouts could be found in our 'modern day', or rather the modern day of the 40K alternate universe, left by his need to feed. Zombies. I suspect Zombies would be here and now as humans have not become proper Psykers yet, and do not have enough psi energy for the Emperor to feed and leave little effect.

I suspect that anywhere in the world where people can disappear en masse, the Emperor will be there - feeding. This would put him in very different places to where one might expect. Instead of being at the forefront of human endeavour, leading humanity to the stars, he is probably embedded in positions of power within concentration camps (Nazi, Khmer Rouge, etc.), max security prisons, or countries that are totalitarian and isolated. An alternate reality of North Korea? Kim Jong-il? After all being the only vampire on the planet is probably quite lonely... 😛

Actually he would probably be heading up one of (alternate reality) North Korea's concentration camps.


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