Perception of the 1,000 Chapter Project
15th Jan, 2011

It seems a few fans are suspicious of the 1,000 chapter project, or rather the intent behind the project. It seems a common misconception that the project is attempting to set everything is stone. If this were the case it would indeed stifle creativity in the long run, and deny many fans a name of their choice because it is already in the list. This is not the case. Below is a reply to a post made on Warseer (it references the Warseer threads relating to the 1,000 chapter project).

Originally Posted by Philip S

Originally Posted by bound for glory
why do this? why name the 1000 chapters? has'nt it be said that no one knows how many chapters there really are? the fans make their own chapter and its one of the 1000. is'nt that the reason gw never intended to name all 1000? where does my chapter fit in? great! now we can have fanboys tell me my chapter is'nt on the "1000 chapters" list so its not a "real" chapter...

You raise a valid point which brings into light an issue I have tried to be very sensitive to. I think none of us here want one fan to set themselves up to lord it over another.

Please do not think of this project as stone, or trying to exclude anyone. Think of it more as a resource for fans. A place where you can browse all the known canon and fan made chapters on the web. It also includes links to forums and resources (like the excellent Space Marine painter, or the DIY guide on B+C) for those who may be inspired to create a chapter themselves. I like to think what we are empowering other fans, and the project is structures to respect that.

There are not limits to the number chapters. The '1,000' seemed suitable when the project was first started, it's mentioned in the background, and was a great goal. No one knew if we would ever get to 1,000!

Passed the 1,000 mark.
Even though the aim was 1,000, and we already have 1,013, there are no plans to cap it. No one is banned from adding a new chapter to the list, the list is always open to new submissions.

It should be noted that the 1,013 is a bit 'smoke and mirrors' as lot of listed chapters are missing IA or gallery links. This was due to the early aims of the project set up by Dazzo, and he had no need or desire to collect up the links of the chapters he found. He rendered up hundreds of chapter colour schemes for his gallery. It is only when I came along that the links became an issue. Chapters were no IA or gallery could be found were tagged 'MIA'. We hope to collect up the missing links for MIA chapters (and if anyone finds a IA or gallery for a MIA chapter please let me know!).

We have implement a 'prime list' [edit, prime list removed] which only includes canon and fan made chapters with links. The prime list is only 544 strong so we have a long way to go.

Double ups.
Many fans want the same name for there chapter as one in the list, and may fans take a lot of time to flesh out undeveloped canon chapters. This means there are a lot of double ups, and all this creativity is not going to be ignored by the project.

In the future I plan to implement alternative links (probably with asterisk after the name).

Where their are double ups the picture with be assigned first to the canon version (with the fan link assigned to the asterisk), and in the case of fan made chapters I'll try and figure out who was first, and then later versions by other fans are assigned to the asterisks.

The only requirement to be listed is putting a bit of effort into your DIY chapter. It seems a fan's pride self regulates the list. A few fans have asked me to withdraw links because they were not happy with their IA, and wanted to rework it. A lot of fans have worked very hard on their IA since being included in the list.

I want this project to be a dynamic fan resource, not some dry list that stifles creativity. I imagine the list will continue to grow and grow. I'm not going anywhere, I've been a fan since '87, and I'll probably be a fan the day I die; so the project is going to be around a while. It took quite some time to gather 544 links, I wonder how long it will take to gather 1,000? and with alternatives 2,000 or 3,000 links?

There are no limits. So if you want to add a chapter: create it and submit it (this thread is for canon chapters, so please post it here to keep this one on topic). Even if it has the same name as one already in the list. A double up will not show up at the moment, but one day it will. One day I hope all the chapters floating about the net will show up in the 1,000 chapter project.


I hope this addresses any concerns anyone may have about the project. If it does not: please post a comment and we will see if we can work something out.

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